How to Register

Do you want a certificate?

(No) You do not have to register for the course. Feel free to study on your own!

(Yes) Please follow the instructions below for registering for the course and accessing the course website.

How to Register & Access the Course Website

1. Register for the course at Cooperative Extension Service  at Your instructor will be notified when you register.

2. Your instructor will then add you to this course website and you will be sent login credentials to the email you registered with.

3. Log into the course website by clicking on the ‘Log In’ button on this website (, use the credentials you were emailed to  sign in.

4. Stay logged in while taking the quizzes if you are taking them to count towards your certificate.  

5. When you have successfully completed all 4 Lesson Quizzes, email your instructor for the link to the final exam.

6. You will receive an email copy of your certificate once you successfully complete the final exam.

Email your instructor if you encounter problems.

Important: Once you have completed the certification course, download your certificate for your records.